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Land Ametek Cyclops L

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Land Ametek Cyclops L

A Family of high precision portable non-contact thermometers

The Cyclops family is the industry leading standard for high quality portable non-contact thermometers. Using camera quality Through-The-Lens sighting, what you see is what you measure. The single handed, ergonomic design enables you to make temperature measurements in hostile environments. Hold on to a hand rail and simultaneously take safe and accurate temperature readings. The high quality fully focusable lenses ensure the smallest spot size measurements at any distance.  On-board datalogging means accurate measurements stored directly to the instrument.

Taking a Measurement
All processed temperature values are shown continuously on the display when the trigger is pressed.
  • Peak temperature
  • Continuous temperature
  • Average temperature
  • Valley temperature
  • Meltmaster temperature - C055L Models only.

With on-board storage the Cyclops L range provides fast, simple data logging with Bluetooth and USB connectivity to download this data to PC or Mobile device for analysis and trending.

Four trigger operating modes for datalogging are available:
  • Single Mode: logs a measurement for each trigger release
  • Latch Mode: logs continuous, average, peak and valley readings at user defined rate between trigger presses
  • Burst Mode: logs a stream of measurements while the trigger is pressed - approximately 30 readings / sec
  • Route Mode: Precisely execute pre-configured routes for consistent, long-term readings. Available using the standalone instrument or featuring increased functionality with the mobile software

Multiple Versions for your Application

  C055L C100L C160L C390L

Temperature Range

1000 to 2000 °C/1832 to 3632 °F 550 to 3000 °C/1022 to 5432 °F 200 to 1400 °C/392 to 2552 °F 450 to 1400 °C/842 to 2552 °F
Applications Ideal for Molten Metals Steel, glass, refractories, heat treating, semi-conductors Steel, Heat Treatment such as welding, tempering, annealing, and
Ideal for Reformer and Heater Tubes, Reheat Furnaces